Kimberly Tan: Events Host

making your celebrations worth reliving


Hosting service is inclusive of:


  • Planning of the Program

One to two meetings depending on the needs of the clients; meetings are usually done 2 weeks to 1 month before the wedding date.  During the scheduled meetings, my goal is to guide you in creating a program most fitting to your taste, preferences and audience’s demographics.


  • Execution of the Program

Hosting of the actual program agreed upon, medium can be in English, Tagalog, Mandarin, Fookien or combination, depending on the demographic profile of the audience members.

As your host, I will be made up, dressed properly and tastefully, fitting to the occasion.


  • Professional Sound System

This is not the normal Public Address system that any hotel or restaurant provides.  This is a professional sound system that can be used for singing, audio-visual presentations and most ideal for the use of your hired musicians.  This comes with sound engineers and technicians.  An upgrade is recommended when the venue is huge.

To cite an article on Music & Entertainment for your Wedding Reception from a popular wedding website, “A good sound or P.A. system is a must. This could make or break your wedding reception. Some hotels, venues and caterers include this in the package. Some are okay but most are downright bad, get a professional mobile!”


*Please keep in mind that singing is not part of my service.  Guest singers for your party can be arranged separately should you require them.

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